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We are starting a Blog!

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

You asked, we listened, and here we are! After over a decade of fishing together and the start of Chubby's Charter in 2013, we decided we wanted to extend our reach and create a platform for sharing what we have learned over thousands of hours on the water guiding, chasing fish and enjoying the bounty of the bay and beyond. We want to grow and collaborate with the fishing community!

Who are we? I am Captain Kevin Tobias aka Captain Chubby and I have been running Chubby's Charter, LLC since 2013. Fishing has nearly always been a part of my life and it is truly my passion. I run the boat, plan the trips, and read the water. I use a wide variety of methods to catch fish and love passing that on through guiding fishing trips. Mate Will Godwin is the master of the flies and flyfishing. After some flyfishing adventures from Virginia to Alaska, Will has become a wild man, obssessed with all things flyfishing!

Will and I have been best friends from birth, literally. He was at the hospital when I was born:) We are opposite in many ways but when it comes to fishing we are like peas and carrots and we can't get enough! Together we bring a very complimentary dynamic that pushes us beyond the status quo and has taken on us a wild journey thus far at Chubby's Charter.

What will we will cover in the blog?

We plan to cover fishing techniques, gear, when and where, both conventional and fly. We also plan to tell stories and give reports:) We plan to blog about migrations of fish, understanding feeding patterns, forage and the places fish frequent. We will share many ideas on ways to plan the best trips for your fishing goals and how to rig your gear to accomplish your goals.

Suggestions for topics and posts?

We will be starting a newsletter that we will send likely seasonly and we will list topics coming in the blog and open up the opportunities for you to give suggestions! You can always email me topics here:

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